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Our Learning Centre

Beaulieu is very proud of our  Learning Centre, located on the second floor of the Main House.

In recent years we have developed and invested in our approach to supporting students with specific and challenging learning needs, as well as any social issues or emotional difficulties. We have accepted students when it has become difficult or impossible for them to remain in their current schools and we have focused on supporting students with extreme difficulties such as Asperger's syndrome, Dyslexia and a range of emotional and behavioural challenges.

The growing demand and the success of this provision have resulted in us recently investing in our physical resource in order to meet the requests we are receiving from parents seeking such a provision to meet their daughters' specific learning needs. We have developed a Learning Centre that now provides three classrooms, a quiet room, an office and toilet facilities - all with wheelchair and lift access.

We now have the space and appropriate facilities to support up to 200 students at different times on a daily basis receiving 1 to 1 or small group support from 1 to 3 hours a day.  It has also provided the option to create additional alternative curriculum opportunities to enable non-academic students to achieve outside the traditional academic curriculum.

Our Head of the Learning Centre and his dedicated team work tirelessly across the whole school to identify girls who may have specific learning needs, testing them and then developing specific learning programmes that most effectively meet their requirements.

Working closely with the Head of Pastoral Services, our Learning Centre team work with our students and their parents, managing expectations and helping them to determine the best educational or social programme to aid their success and ensure positive development. We also have strong working relationships with a variety of outside agencies, educational and clinical psychologists, CAMHS, Children's Service and Social Services to ensure the most appropriate and comprehensive care for our girls.

A key focus of our Learning Centre staff is on building self-confidence and self esteem. In our community every child is given the opportunity to reach their full potential and develop their talents, whatever their area of individual interest.