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Our achievements

Beaulieu prides itself on being an academically non-selective school, which values and encourages each and every child.

Because of this, we achieve consistently high examination results, often enjoying a 100% pass rate at both GCSE and A Level, with over a third of our girls regularly achieving As or A*s. These exceptional results reflect both the hard work and dedication of our girls and also the commitment and support provided by our experienced staff members.

The true measure of our success, however, is the fact that we help all our girls to realise their full potential as individuals, providing them with opportunities to excel in which ever area their passions lie.

Our personalised learning programmes and pathways enable our girls to meet their full potential and as a result, our value added scores are consistently high, demonstrating our commitment to nurturing and developing our students.

Our gifted and talented students are well catered for, supported and challenged by both their subject teachers and Mentors through tailored programmes to suit their ambitions and aspirations.

While we celebrate our examination results proudly, the achievements of our students go far beyond those of just academic success. The extra-curricular activities available to our girls allow them to broaden their horizons and find a pursuit that they feel passionate about. We regularly have girls representing their island, and on occasion their country, in a range of sports. Furthermore, many students shine in performing arts, in art and design and in fashion.

Our students also have an awareness and appreciation of their environment and a passion for the wider community and our girls are often active in environmental projects, community groups and local charities.