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At Beaulieu, we believe that preparing our students to take their place in society is important. 

Our girls will be looking forward to going into exciting careers which utilise their talents.  Up to date, relevant and unbiased careers advice is therefore vital to equip them with the knowledge of what they must do to realise their career ambitions.

Careers lessons form part of the curriculum from Year 6 to Year 13 and look to help each student:

  • Investigate learning and career opportunities
  • Make informed judgements about learning and career options
  • Understand how these choices will help them to achieve their ambitions
  • Enable them to successfully manage key transition points

Primary – Year 6
We believe careers guidance is an integral part of education and our students are never too young to begin thinking about their future career plans.

We run a comprehensive careers programme in our Primary Department for our Year 6 students in conjunction with Careers Jersey. The students engage in a six week careers programme as part of their PSHEE curriculum which introduces them to the subject, engages them in careers research and which culminates in them manning stalls at a mini careers fair for the year 5 students to pass on the relevant information.

In our Secondary Department, careers advice is provided by Mentors and through PSHEE lessons for Year 7 to 11. Our Mentors and PSHEE teacher, Ms Rodriques, take care to ensure students' individual interests and career aspirations are catered for.

Parents, Foundation members and supporters of the school are regularly encouraged to visit the school to talk about their own careers and offer guidance and advice to students interested in their field of work.

Year 7
In Year 7, as part of the PSHEE programme, the girls are introduced to local labour market statistics and will interview their parents and relatives in order to find out more about jobs in the local labour market, before presenting their findings to their peers.

Year 8
In Year 8, a block of lessons within the PSSEE programme will be devoted to the development of decision making skills; this will lead into work on making decisions with regard to GCSE options.  This set of lessons will be linked with the GCSE options day in March when the girls will be have the opportunity to speak to Senior Staff members and Sixth Form students, who will offer guidance and answer queries with regard to subjects.  Parents will also have the opportunity to speak to senior teachers about the process.

Year 9
In Year 9 students will play the REAL Game, in which they complete your lifestyle dream and evaluate how well it matches up with their career aspirations.

Year 10
In Year 10, in addition to spending time working on action planning, CV writing, learning about contracts of employment, bank accounts and pay slips and several weeks research and presenting their finding on a career of interest, the girls spend up to 4 weeks in Mentor Time preparing for their Trident Work Experience which takes place in the last three weeks of the Spring Term.  A considerable amount of time is devoted to studying health and safety in the workplace and on how the girls should conduct themselves during the Trident interview.  The girls will also have the opportunity to complete an online Health and Safety Assessment and hopefully gain a certificate.  The girls will receive a reference.

Year 11
In Year 11, during Mentor Time, the girls will learn how to apply for jobs by updating their CVs, filling in application forms, writing covering letters and personal statements.  Senior teachers, advisors from Careers Jersey and Highlands will explain the post 16 opportunities to them.  All Year 11 students are encouraged to attend the Careers Fair, which is held early in the Autumn term, giving them an opportunity to meet with professionals from a huge range of careers from across the island, including Finance, Teaching, Channel Television and the Forces; Careers Jersey also has a strong presence at the Fair and are available to give guidance on all career opportunities available within the island.

A visit to Careers Jersey during Mentor Time will provide the girls with the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the Island's Careers library. Whilst there, the girls will have the social security system and its relevance explained to them.  In addition, the girls will spend time working on interview technique and will engage in a Higher Education research project, in order to focus thoughts on aspirations post 18. 

The post 16 options evening is held in November - giving the girls information about the process of choosing their A level options and what the subjects involve.  They will have the opportunity to attend presentations and to speak with staff and current sixth form student about the courses and what each entails. Following on from the Options evening each student will attend a 1:1 interview with a dedicated member of staff. They will discuss their post 16 options in addition to current GCSE progress.

Years 12 and 13
The main focus of the Careers programme in the sixth form is to cover Higher Education and Post 18 options. The students will be given the opportunity to research universities and receive advice on how to apply both to institutions in the UK and abroad. Currently, the majority of our students apply to university or Highlands, but a growing minority have entered full time employment.  

During the Spring Term the students will attend the Higher Education Fair, and an information evening for parents to explain post 18 options and the university applications (UCAS) procedure.

Careers Education in Year 13 will include work on interview techniques, grant forms, gap years and preparation for leaving home and school.

In addition, each student in both Years 12 and 13, will be offered  a 1:1 guidance interview.

We strive to provide our sixth formers with work experience relevant to their career aspirations wherever possible and we regularly have sixth form students working in finance, law, marketing and accountancy during their school holidays. Our relationships with local businesses are extremely strong and our students remain extremely sought after by employers locally.

We also encourage our sixth formers to take part on one of the work shadowing schemes run locally. These include the Institute of Directors Work Shadowing Scheme and the Work Shadowing Schemes organized by the Construction Council and the Jersey Chartered Institute of Marketing. Each scheme provides our girls with the chance to learn in a real business environment whilst also building their confidence and their presentation skills.

Useful Resources:

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insidecareers.co.uk - This is a website set up for different professions. It is intended for graduates.

This site is full of other useful information for girls who do not wish to go to university.